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  • Is This The End of Link Building?

    Did you know that, according to Google, one of its latest algorithm updates, Hummingbird, will affect an estimated 90% of all search queries? Marketers are understandably concerned, re-evaluating SEO tactics, and trying to determine how exactly Hummingbird will impact business. A staggering number of marketers within the SEO community are throwing in the towel, and […]

  • Why Understand the Meta Language of SEO?

    As the world of internet commerce continues to grow, the level of market competition and complexity continues to increase, as well. This means that businesses not only need to prioritize SEO, but they must understand the structural minutiae of SEO on a micro level. If a business does not have the staff or resources to […]

  • Not Sure About HTML? Read Some Info See If You Have What It Takes

    Learning coding for HTML can be difficult. That being said, once you get the hang of HTML, it is really quite simple to produce. And it can even be lots of fun once you get into the more complex coding. The trick is that you need to get to that comfortable stage first. Have you […]

  • No Business Website is Complete Without These 4 Traits

    In 2013, global eCommerce should hit close to a trillion dollars, if it does not surpass that mark. More and more, consumers are choosing to use their computers to do their shopping, rather than heading to crowded malls. This means that, more than ever, it is vital for businesses to have a strong web presence […]

  • Rasons to Use the A HREF Tag in HTML Coding

    If you use HTML coding to construct web pages or write blog posts, the importance of knowing how to use the a href link cannot be overstated. When utilized properly, it can send visitors directly to the web page you are referring to and also establishes a back link for that page. This provides easier […]

  • Using The Link HREF And Understanding It Too

    The link href attribute is something that will specify to any developer or web user the URL, or the web address, for the page where that link href has been created. When this attribute is not there, the anchor tag href for that attribute is not a live link, or hyperlink. So basically these attributes […]

  • Learn Coding to Give You the Edge in Pursuing Your Next Career Move

    Tags are phrases of coding, and the href tag is incredibly important. Href links direct where you want the link to take you when it is clicked on. It attributes the specific destination of the link. For example, say you are working on a cover letter for a new job. In it, you mention that […]

  • How And Why A Href Tags Work For Web Page Development

    Links that exist in HTML documents include a href tags, which will indicate the destination of any link on its own. Using a href link to indicate where a destination should be is something that web designers and coders do every day. But when everyday people are trying to use an href link, a href […]

  • Href Title Tags Add Value to Social Bookmarking

    Many people are interested in knowing what the latest trend in social media is today. One thing coming up in conversation often now is social bookmarking sites. If you are familiar with social bookmarking, then you know it is basically a way for people to share different links to information and media with other users […]

  • Why HTML Still Matters After Javascript

    A tag Href is one of the best ways that people can get the information they need out on the internet. Href links are a great way to improve the flow of information and, though they follow out of HTML, Href alt tags are still good tools for people who want to use the internet. […]