Not Sure About HTML? Read Some Info See If You Have What It Takes

Learning coding for HTML can be difficult. That being said, once you get the hang of HTML, it is really quite simple to produce. And it can even be lots of fun once you get into the more complex coding. The trick is that you need to get to that comfortable stage first. Have you dabbled in HTML before? If you can understand the following terms, you may be better off with HTML than you thought.

There are a few different parts you need to create HREF links using such HTML code tricks as HREF tags. A HREF link is just the fancy way of saying a URL hyperlink. Too much jargon already? Read on for a glossary.

A Hyperlink is when you see highlighted text on a page, and clicking on it sends you to another page completely. The text of the link can be either a phrase describing the link, the actual web address, or text completely unrelated to where the link sends you.

A URL is another name for a web address. URLs can be as simple as, or they can have plenty of punctuation marks, slashes and dashes, and words that make no sense to you. But, to the internet, that is an incredibly specific path leading to a certain place online.

HREF is the URL, but only when it is in the context of HTML. It stands for Hypertext Reference, and is a the trigger term for letting the browser know where the hyperlink is supposed to send the clicker.

The HREF tag is a designation in HTML that alerts the program that a link, or HREF, is coming up. It is like a road sign in the browser code.

And HTML, of course, is the programming language that a lot of internet pages are written in. Depending on different factors and code combinations, the end result of a web page can be quite complex impressive.

If all of that info was old hat, you are ready to begin your HTML lessons. If it was interesting and brand new, then you should do a bit more reading and research to determine how much you would like coding. And if you just scratched your head the whole time, then I suggest you find other things to do with your time than code in HTML.