No Business Website is Complete Without These 4 Traits

In 2013, global eCommerce should hit close to a trillion dollars, if it does not surpass that mark. More and more, consumers are choosing to use their computers to do their shopping, rather than heading to crowded malls. This means that, more than ever, it is vital for businesses to have a strong web presence that features a great website. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to work with href links, or hypertext reference links, and other complex coding, so hiring web developers is often necessary. Fortunately, they will understand the essential features of great business websites.

1. Informative

Without the right information, it does not how many bells and whistles a website has. While every site will be different, there are some basics that they should all feature. This includes contact information, service and product descriptions, background data, and maybe even pricing and payment options. Without this information, consumers are less likely to make a purchase, especially if they are doing their product research.

2. Easy to Use

Some web developers get too caught up in creating sites that feature lots of interesting graphics and content, and forget about the web user experience. If it is difficult to navigate through a site and find the information, individuals are not likely to stick around. It usually only takes between two and four seconds for people to decide if they want to stay on a site, so mastering href links for navigation purposes is vital.

3. Unique

While usability is important, business owners will still want a site that stands out from the crowd. Having a unique design is a must, and it is easy to tell when developers have not spent enough time working on the aesthetic of their site.

4. Visible

No matter how great a website is, if it does not have a lot of traffic, it will not help a business grow. As a result, it is important for developers to take steps towards getting more consumers to see the site. Posting links to the site on social media and making it easy for people to like or share the site is always helpful, mobile optimization can cater to the busier consumers, and using proper coding commands like a href tags and others can be beneficial for SEO purposes. Using all three of those options at the same time is a good idea for site owners looking to gain more visitors.