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Href Title Tags Add Value to Social Bookmarking

Written by Link HREF on . Posted in Homepage

Many people are interested in knowing what the latest trend in social media is today. One thing coming up in conversation often now is social bookmarking sites. If you are familiar with social bookmarking, then you know it is basically a way for people to share different links to information and media with other users on the internet. Many popular websites would actually be defined as social bookmarking sites, since their primary function is link posting and discussion that revolves around said links.

There are several advantages to social bookmarking. On a personal level, it allows users to improve the functionality of their maintained bookmarks. It can be confusing when bookmarks are stored in different web browsers, or on different computers and devices. Social bookmarking sites allow the user to keep all their bookmarks in one central location. Not only this, but it is also possible to organize them using href title tags, and searching is easy through both tag and search functions. Many users eventually mass hundreds of bookmarks, making these functions quite necessary to have.

Href title tags give social bookmarking sites their social edge. When you tag the websites you find, it allows other users to access this information and share it with others as well. For example, say that you like reading about dinosaurs, and found a news article about the latest dinosaur research. When you use link href tags on this article, other users will see it when they go to the dinosaur tag. In turn, you will be able to access hundreds of different links users found relevant to the dinosaur topic when you yourself go to the tag.

Many media experts have identified the a href tags as being one of the real unique features of social media bookmarking sites, since they allow users to decide which information is relevant, rather than search engines using algorithms. It allows for a human sense of what information is useful in deciding which href title tags count.

Different social bookmarking sites offer different capabilities and features. Some bookmarking sites, for example, really focus on sharing via the href title tags. Other bookmarking sites are more focused on working for the individual, making their sites more private and offering compatibility functions for linking to different sites and applications.

Is This The End of Link Building?

Did you know that, according to Google, one of its latest algorithm updates, Hummingbird, will affect an estimated 90% of all search queries? Marketers are understandably concerned, re-evaluating SEO tactics, and trying to determine how exactly Hummingbird will impact business. A staggering number of marketers within the SEO community are throwing in the towel, and proclaiming strategies like link building dead. What are some of the most basic principles of link building, and is link building truly dead?

What is Link Building?

Simply put, link building uses href tags, href tag syntax, and href title tags, to increase traffic to specific pages. Marketers take a number of different things into consideration:

  • SEO
  • First and foremost, a href tag may contain keywords, or key phrases, in the link itself, and among anchor text. Using related key terms in links tends to make them more searchable, and increases search rankings.

  • Popularity and Authority
  • Gene Continue reading…

    Why Understand the Meta Language of SEO?

    As the world of internet commerce continues to grow, the level of market competition and complexity continues to increase, as well. This means that businesses not only need to prioritize SEO, but they must understand the structural minutiae of SEO on a micro level. If a business does not have the staff or resources to do this, their best alternative is to invest in the services offered by a top SEO firm.

    While more and more business gain knowledge in the area of SEO, it takes more than an understanding of PPC, social media marketing, and blogging to implement a successful SEO campaign. Since link building is essential to internet marketing, businesses must have an in house staff that understands at least basic computer programming language. After all, link building cannot be done without a working knowledge of HTML, HREF links, and A HREF tags.

    Basically, an anchor HREF tag is any link in HTML, and without them link building would not exist. Essentially, in order to do SEO in house, Continue reading…

    Not Sure About HTML? Read Some Info See If You Have What It Takes

    Learning coding for HTML can be difficult. That being said, once you get the hang of HTML, it is really quite simple to produce. And it can even be lots of fun once you get into the more complex coding. The trick is that you need to get to that comfortable stage first. Have you dabbled in HTML before? If you can understand the following terms, you may be better off with HTML than you thought.

    There are a few different parts you need to create HREF links using such HTML code tricks as HREF tags. A HREF link is just the fancy way of saying a URL hyperlink. Too much jargon already? Read on for a glossary.

    A Hyperlink is when you see highlighted text on a page, and clicking on it sends you to another page completely. The text of the link can be either a phrase describing the link, the actual web address, or text completely unrelated to where the link sends you.

    A URL is another name for a web address. URLs can be as simple as, or they can have plenty of punctuation marks, sl Continue reading…

    No Business Website is Complete Without These 4 Traits

    In 2013, global eCommerce should hit close to a trillion dollars, if it does not surpass that mark. More and more, consumers are choosing to use their computers to do their shopping, rather than heading to crowded malls. This means that, more than ever, it is vital for businesses to have a strong web presence that features a great website. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to work with href links, or hypertext reference links, and other complex coding, so hiring web developers is often necessary. Fortunately, they will understand the essential features of great business websites.

    1. Informative

    Without the right information, it does not how many bells and whistles a website has. While every site will be different, there are some basics that they should all feature. This includes contact information, service and product descriptions, background data, and maybe even pricing and payment options. Without this information, consumers are less likely to make a purchase, especially if they Continue reading…