You Need to Try This Quirky Minecraft Mod – Horseshoe Chamber Blog

There are a lot of them out there. There are some that are hilarious while others have a strange ambiance, and some have a mix of all three. The fun mods are one of the most entertaining mods to play with friends if you have an exclusive server. If there isn’t one you have a Minecraft server hosting service would be happy to get you hooked up with a brand new server. The video below will explain how you can use the unique modifications. A particular mod stands out from other mods.

Everyone should check out the Luggage mod, which is an exclusive Minecraft mod. Whatever it doesn’t have in terms of features, it makes up in its character. It introduces a novel kind of chest, called the luggage. The chest isn’t an ordinary chest. It’s living! The chest will be a faithful pet that will accompany everywhere you move. In addition, it can pick up anything you’ve lost or misplaced. Although the chest is the capacity of a storage container, it is able to really be upgraded by striking it with a bolt lightning. You can summon lightning bolts with a trident, or chances.