Why Can Some NEMA 5 15 Cords Operate Better Than Others? – Horseshoe Chamber Blog

There may be an outlet in their office or at home, however it is only the NEMA 15 socket. That could result in they to question that the adapter is compatible. This YouTube video “Why certain 5-15 adapters can be Operated at Higher Capacity” explores the ways they could help you achieve the amount of amps you require. Learn more!

NEMA5 15 plugs are able to work at 15 amps or about 125 V. The connector on the other end of an adapter can have a higher rating, e.g. 20 to 30 amps. It’s therefore important to know if you can utilize the plug or adapter to draw greater than 15 amps out of an outlet that is standard. The extension cord which has an integrated power strip to be able to do this. The cord must be equipped with NEMA 5-15 end.

The item comes with a 12 gauge cord that is intended for 20amps. So, the power strip can be used to increase the amperage of an outlet in your house. This can be done using the NEMA 5 15 plug for this purpose since it’s constructed using the same premium material.

To learn more about NEMA 15, 15 and 5 plugs look at the remaining portion of the video.