Proper Way to Assist Someone with a Bedpan – Web Lib

room, they may need for bedpans. A bedpan is designed to collect urine and Feces is intended to be put under the body of the person that is sleeping or is sitting in it. It is possible to make bedpans out of steel, plastic, or both. Many are fitted with liner to stop the flow of urine and to make cleaning easier.

If you are helping someone else with the bedpan, you should relax. The act of helping with a bedpan may make you look embarrassed for the two of both of you. If you’re looking after someone with opposite sexuality it could be especially the case. If you are calm and do not appear embarrassed and confident, your partner will have a better feeling of being at ease.

Sprinkle a little body powder over the rim of the pot to assist the sliding. Use to place a mattress pad on top of the mattress to avoid spills.
Put the bedpan into place.
Sit the person up or lift up the hips and slide the bedpan under the person. If you’re with another person, let them raise their legs while the assistant slides the bedpan underneath.
They can also be assisted to pivot to the side. Carefully press the bedpan to the bottom of their feet and then help them turn back onto the bedpan. vna9tjhx2b.