How to Prepare Landscaping for Winter

The ndscaping services can assist you to get there by offering quality lawn care and tree trimming, hardscaping, and much more. The following blog post will cover the different services that you can employ to get your landscaping ready to be ready for winter. This article will help you locate a reliable landscaping company which can provide everything from patios and roofs to lawn treatment. Additionally, we’ll explain why things like hardscaping are vital in protecting your lawn from extreme weather conditions and the elements of winter.

This is a large-scale project However, there are lots of ways you can tackle by yourself when it comes to winter landscaping preparation. Below are some of the practical ways you can work at home to make your landscape ready:

1. The trees and the shrubs should be cut Remove dead or diseased limbs from plants and trees as well in any branch that crosses. Cut any evergreens or hedges to form them. 2. Clean the beds: Clear away all leaves, debris and plants from landscaping bed. 3. Plants in containers are protected by cover planters. To shield your plant from elements, set them in an area that is protected. 4. Fertilize your lawn by applying a winterizing fertilizer on your lawn to promote good growth and health in spring. 5. Spread mulch. Spread 3/4 ” up to 1″ of mulch in the area around plants and trees , to help insulate the soil and protect roots from frost heave. 6. Water features should be protected Clean any ponds and water features in order to prevent them from getting completely frozen. Unplug hoses, and then store them until winter arrives. 7. Repair pathways: Fix or replace any cracked or damaged walkways or steps in the months before winter sets in.

In the case of larger projects, you might need hiring professionals even if these do not represent your highest-value tasks. These are some things you need to consider.


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