How to Add a Garden Sprinkler System to Your Yard – DIY Home Ideas

Do you want to put one to your garden.

Be sure to determine how much pressure the garden sprinklers are generating in your garden before you install it on your yard. Once the sprinkler has been installed then you’ll need to be able to maintain at least 30 PSI. Once you’ve checked the pounds of pressure in the hose you’ll need to determine what it will take to fill the receptacle from an spigot linked to the source of water you’re making use of for the sprinkler.

The second step is measuring the surface you’d like to soak. In the next step, create into a 6-to-8-inch trench. Then, insert an inch pipe inside it. When you’re done, wrap the entire pipe with a fitting at the end of the pipe. Make sure you are using a backflow stopper at the source of water so that there is no contamination between your domestic supply and the irrigation system.

After you’ve completed these actions, you’ll now be in the right position to water the plants in your yard. Best of luck and have fun gardening!