Heres How to Indentify Implicit Bias in Policing – Dt W News

. This is what implicit bias is. It manifests by way of unconscious biases or stereotypical associations with people. Implicit bias is also frequently used when it comes to policing. Here, it is typically manifested in the way police officers treat individuals unfairly because of their race or other factors that have been societally associated with a set of people.

Implicit bias in policing is surprisingly easy to detect and recognize. In the event that a police agent or another member of the police force performs actions such as checking and stopping vehicles driven by people of specific races more often than they do for other vehicle drivers of another race it is an indication of bias. Although this could be a deliberate act when it is the case, for the police profession, which thrives on keeping the peaceful and ensuring order in our society, this discrimination is usually unconscious and, therefore, the implicit prejudice.

A common expression of implicit bias when it comes to policework is the quick conclusion that one group of suspects could be more dangerous and cause greater danger than the other suspects.