A Look Inside the Construction Waste Disposal and Recycling System – WORLD GLOBAL NEWS


The purpose for recycling of construction waste and removal is to recycle all the materials that are can be. The system generates more than 150,000 tons of recyclable material per day. At first, garbage is removed from the area by the staff of our facility and brought into our backyard, where it is sorted according to the kind of rubbish. It includes plastic bottles metal containers, paper and cardboard. Following that, recyclables will be separate from non-recyclable products. These include glass, plastics and aluminum, as well as concrete, steel, wood tile, bricks, stone or wood. These recyclables go to our plant for processing and further sorting.

We sort recyclables into the appropriate types which include plastic, glass papers, cardboard, and paper. These are sent off to our glass manufacturing facility, at which point they’re melt-down before being transformed into brand new items. The rest of the recyclables go to corporations that convert the materials into raw materials used in manufacturing processes. Materials engineers are constantly in the field who monitor the entire process to make sure everything is running without a hitch. If there are any issues there’s always an emergency plan that can be put into effect immediately.