9 Major Home Maintenance Ideas to Reduce Long Term Costs – House Killer

You can aintain your Furniture

There are methods to help your furniture last longer so you don’t have to replace furniture earlier that you would have. If for example, you own a custom-built cabinet, make sure you keep the screws tight as furniture joints can loosen over time with use. Also, you should polish the hardware and maintain your furniture for the most attractive look. If you are cleaning your furniture use gentle cleaners, which will not cause damage to the finish. But should the finish beginning to look worn, consider hiring a furniture refinishing service to help you ensure that your furniture will last for longer. Additionally, you can shield the furniture against water spots by putting it in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight and investing in slipcovers.

Make sure to clean your appliances

If you’re looking for an DIY project to assist you in cutting down on long-term expenses You can include cleaning your appliances to the list. The reason is that appliances be more efficient and consume less energy over time. Thus, even something as basic as cleaning your appliances can lead to energy savings and a better functioning homes. You can begin cleaning the refrigerator first, as a fresh fridge is able to keep its temperature lower than one that’s dirty. Be sure to defrost the refrigerator to get rid of the frozen debris that can cause the compressor more work complete.

The cleaning of your stove and oven will also reduce your use of gas and electricity. It is essential for hot air to circulate easily through your oven. It is important to keep oven seals clean so that the heat doesn’t escape after it’s turned on. Additionally, look after your dryers. If you are not using a dryer vent cleaning service, it’s important to regularly clean the dryer lint trap. This is mostly for safety reasons since accumulated lint can b